Logan Andrew's Story
of Infantile Spasms
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Logan's Story
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The purpose of this website is to explain one family's journey through a difficult diagnosis of Infantile Spasms. The hope is that other families who find themselves in a similar situation might receive information that will be useful for the difficult and unknown times ahead.

When Logan was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms we spent many days and nights reading and researching for answers. After several weeks of this it became more apparent that a lot of it was outdated, conflicting, and grim.  Our hope is that we can provide first hand experience of our son's diagnosis, treatment, and current progress from this horrible disease.

There is no right answer to treatment, and or medications. Each child can respond differently, have different side effects, or be treated with a variety of options. This is Logan's story. Just because one thing did work, or didn't, doesn't mean that your situation will be the same. We ask that you keep that in mind while reading Logan's story.

This site is dedicated to our son Logan Andrew.

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