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Logan's Story
The Infantile Spasms Yahoo Group. An amazing resource with archives and current discussions regarding IS.

An heartfelt story and resource for treatment of Infantile Spasms. The Ketogenic Diet.

Johns Hopkins Epilepsy Center. Information on the Ketogenic Diet

The Physicians Desk Reference Database (PDR) Helpful with researching FDA approved medication.  Does not include injectables or Vigabatrin.

NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine) You can search information on Alternative Medicine for IS.

NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology, also the National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health) A resource for every imaginable study done regarding IS.


There are a lot of people we would like to thank. All of our family and friends that supported us during our difficult times. We thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts. Because without you it would have been unbearable.

We would also like to recognize several individuals who were directly involved in various aspects of Logan's story. They are as follows in order:

Heavenly Father. Because without his support and guidance none of this could be possible. We Thank You!

Dr Stanley Waddell. For being the first person to recognize Logan's seizures and state that we needed to get him in front of a Pediatric Neurolgist. We Thank you!

Phoenix Childrens Hospital
. For having an available appointment that very day and diagnosing Logan so quickly. We Thank You!

Logan's Aunt (Tante) Amy, and Logan's Nana Nadine
. For spending countless hours assisting with research, additional resources, and unconditional support.  We Thank You!

Kent and Jason Riggs
. For providing spiritual assistance to our family during our darkest hours. We Thank You!

Jim Abrahams. For being the first person during our research to respond back and answer a lot of the questions we had. We Thank You!

My employer Concentra Medical Centers
. For being so supportive of our situation, allowing me unlimited time off, and resolving our perscription plan issues. We Thank You!

Logan's Great Uncle Richard and Great Aunt Barbara. For reaching out to us in so many ways. We Thank You!

Alfredo J Molina. For getting us an appointment @ Barrows Hospital. We Thank You!

Dr Jong Rho. It is without question that Dr Jong Rho is the main reason why Logan is where he is today. Dr Rho spent countless hours educating us; he gave us same day responses to our urgent questions; he was commited to us even after hours; and he was willing to assure Logan received the best care possible regardless of standard protocol. We also thank Dr Rho for his calm, kind and straightforward bedside manner. his knowledge of Infantile Spasms, his putting up with my neurotic line of questioning, and his continued care and concern for Logan. We Thank You!

Dr Ramon Sankar and the staff @ UCLA Medical Center. For making the time to see Logan for his various testing and for taking the time to go over everything in detail. We Thank You!

The Lawson Family. For allowing us the opportunity for a much needed family vacation. We Thank You!

Infantile Spasms Group on Yahoo. For having a place where we could read, research, and speak with people who were going through the same thing. We Thank You!

The Parents on the Yahoo IS Group. For being so supportive of one another. We Thank You!

Linda, Becky, Deepali, and Angie. For being such great therapists and working with our little Logan. For making the difference with his development. We Thank You!

And most importantly, Logan. For hanging in there during all the seizures, poking, prodding, testing, sicknesses, medications, hospital stays, and for supporting his parents through their difficult times. We Thank You!!!!

If you would like to e-mail Logan's family for questions or comments please feel free to do so. The e-mail address is