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Logan's Story
4/4/2005 - EEG @ Phoenix Childrens Hospital                        (First EEG/ with Hyps)
4/8/2005 - MRI @ Phoenix Childrens Hospital                          (Negative)
4/18//2005 - Analisys for Heavy Metal Toxicity                          (Showed increased levels)

4/18/2005 - EEG @ Phoenix Childrens Hospital                      (Still Hyps)

5/4/2005 - VEEG @ St Joe's Hospital/Barrows Neurological  (24 hour Video EEG before starting ACTH)
5/15/2005 - Chest X-Ray (questioning enlarged heart)             (Came back negative)
5/19/2005 - EEG @ St Joe's Hospital/Barrows Neurological   (Showed Major Improvement)
6/2/2005 - PET SCAN/EEG @ UCLA Medical Center             (Negative - PET Showed Brain Atrophy)

6/3/2005 - MRI @ UCLA Medical Center                                   (Negative)

6/7/2005 - EEG @ St Joe's Hosptial/Barrows Neurological    (EEG was Normal)

MEDICATION                    START DATE                     END DATE
Topamax                              4/7/2005                                7/1/2005

B-6                                      4/26/2005                              4/28/2005
ACTH                                    5/5/2005                                 7/1/2005
Zantac                                  5/5/2005                                10/12/2005

Lasix                                    5/6/2005                                5/10/2005
Zonegran                             6/18/2005                              Still Taking

In order given. ACTH at the bottom of page.

Topamax - Loss of appetite in the beginning. Stopped sweating (hot all the time). Acidosis.
B-6 - Not on long enough for side effects. Given by the 1st Dr. on a low dosage.
Zantac - Helped with Reflux. No known side effects.
Lasix - Made him extremely lethargic. Almost non-responsive. Even though BP from ACTH was in the 130 range, had to take him off.
Zonegran - The biggest side effect with Zonegran was figuring out how to get him to take it. It's the worst tasting off all his meds. After several weeks of trying different things, (and his not eating anything other then a bottle) Grade B Maple Syrup did the trick. We took one of our left over syringes from ACTH, disposed of the needle, sucked out a small amount of Syrup (Grade B Syrup is much darker, and more natural than the normal table syrup. It can be found at most health food stores) and put it into a small glass. Then we break open the Zonegran pill and dump the powder into the syrup, mix it up, suck it back into the syringe, and into his mouth. It took a few weeks but now he opens wide for it.

ACTH  - ACTH was by far the worst when it came to side effects. The obvious one is the weight gain. The two pictures in this section are Before ACTH and 45 days into ACTH.

Visually this was the most disturbing side effect.  The next few photos were taken at the end of ACTH.

Shortly after the last injection he started to decrease in size. The next picture is 2 weeks after ACTH.

Then 4 weeks.

Then 8 weeks post ACTH.

Logan's 1st Birthday (October 2005) 90 Days Post ACTH

And Logan in December 2005 (5 months after ACTH)

When he first started ACTH we couldn't feed him enough. He was fussy and wanted to eat all the time. At times he would drink 20oz of breast milk and one hour later drink 20 more. This continued for the first several days. He cried a lot and some days the only thing that would stop him from crying was the swing (a life saver for us) and eating. He spent many nights in our room swinging.

The other major side effects were heavy labored breathing. Logan sounded like he had run a marathon all the time. It was a fast paced short breath. His blood pressure was high for the entire time on ACTH. At one point it was 149 over 115. Because of the added weight gain it made getting an accurate BP reading almost impossible. He had a Chest X-Ray done as there was a question of an enlarged heart (came back negative) and when he was @ UCLA Medical Center for testing he had noted brain atrophy. (will be tested again 2006)

 Although it was difficult for everyone involved we are so thankful that he has become seizure free and pray that his progression continues.  There are many other medications and alternative treatments such as the Ketogenic Diet (our next step if ACTH didn't work) to try.  As a parent/grandparent/sister/brother/etc., the choices made are difficult ones. There are some kids who become seizure free and live "normal" healthy lives. There are others who are not so fortunate. All we can do is make the most informed decision possible.

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